Publications / Formation of expert groups on the basis of methods of mutual competence and Veitch diagrams

Saturday, 08 June 2013
For a team of experts, if it is considered as a whole, it is much more difficult to obtain quantitative characteristics similar to the characteristics of one expert, and some characteristics are generally inherent only to the team and have no analogs for one expert. When analyzing the activities of a group of experts, the effectiveness of the work also depends on how the informal structure of the group coincides with the formal one. To establish the informal structure of the group, the model of the group's activity should first ensure the establishment of existing groupings and the influence of persons introducing elements of discord, hostility, enmity, and so on into the communication environment. The solution to these issues can be carried out both with the help of analytical methods and based on the sociometric method. The use of the sociometric method is more beneficial, compared with the methods of mathematical modeling, when recruiting working expert groups from real specialists. It allows one to get more accurate information about the characteristics of a particular group of experts without significant material costs.

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