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Forbes Ukraine / Why it is worth transferring big data to cloud services and how to do it painlessly (in Ukrainian)

Why it is worth transferring big data to cloud services and how to do it painlessly Migration of the university's critical digital infrastructure to the cloud is complex. But an example of the largest technical university in Ukraine is the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute proves that even in the conditions of war and blackouts, a similar task can be completed quickly and with the help of a small team. It is only necessary to avoid following the beaten bureaucratic paths but to find the community's support and set priorities correctly. How KPI moved to the cloud, says Ph.D. IT consultant Andrey Gubsky, who helped the university transfer data.


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//devdigest — the history of the platform

//devdigest — the history of the platform

The team behind //devdigest has successfully established it as the most significant IT news platform in Ukraine that is solely focused on Microsoft technologies. Now, they plan to expand their reach and connect with more professionals and enthusiasts by launching a new Telegram channel aimed at an English-speaking audience. But before taking this big step, let’s take a moment to review the project’s history.

The //devdigest project is a one-of-a-kind resource for developers interested in .NET, Azure, and Microsoft technologies. It was initiated by a team of Microsoft MVPs with a unique vision to consolidate high-quality, relevant technical content in a single platform. This initiative is all about knowledge sharing, improving coding skills, and fostering community engagement among developers. It provides up-to-date tutorials, news, and expert articles, bridging the gap between technology advancements and practical implementation in a way that no other platform does.

The platform is built on a robust stack featuring .NET and hosted on Microsoft Azure. This choice was strategic, leveraging .NET for its strong support for scalable, secure, and manageable applications, which is crucial for handling the diverse and dynamic content that the platform curates. Microsoft Azure facilitates a reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance across geographies, which is vital for the global developer community that //devdigest serves. This combination allows for seamless updates and efficient content delivery. After all, this is the technology stack about which project authors write every day, so it was logical that these technologies formed the basis for the implementation of the project.

The team’s content strategy aims to ensure relevance and quality. Articles, tutorials, and news updates are sourced from trusted industry experts and thought leaders. The curation process involves a rigorous review to maintain high standards and accuracy, ensuring that the content reflects the latest trends and technologies in the development world and provides practical insights that readers can directly apply to their professional projects.


The //devdigest project has not only disseminated knowledge and fostered collaboration and innovation, but it has also empowered developers to stay ahead of technology trends, refine their skills, and solve complex problems more effectively. It has helped build a supportive network where developers from various backgrounds share insights, discuss challenges, and contribute to each other’s growth, thereby strengthening the ecosystem. This empowerment is at the heart of our mission, inspiring and motivating developers to reach new heights in their professional journey, and it’s all thanks to the vibrant community that makes it possible.

Community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the platform’s role in enhancing professional development and informing users about the latest technology. Many appreciate the quality and relevance of the content, noting how it aids in problem-solving and skill enhancement. But what truly sets //devdigest apart is its vibrant community. Users value connecting with like-minded professionals and experts, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that enhances their learning and professional growth.

One major challenge faced by our team was ensuring the continual delivery of high-quality, relevant content as the technology landscape rapidly evolved. To address this, the team implemented an advanced content management system that streamlined the curation process and enabled quicker updates. Additionally, maintaining engagement within the community was challenging as the platform grew. The solution was to enhance interactive features like Telegram chat and live Q&A sessions to foster more dynamic interactions and keep the community actively involved.

The project community contains many passionate people who get valuable ideas and knowledge from the information the editor’s team shares with subscribers. One notable example involves a developer who used the platform’s resources to significantly improve the performance of their mobile application, leveraging insights from a series of articles on advanced .NET techniques. Another success story is from a startup that adopted Azure solutions featured on //devdigest, which streamlined their operations and scaled their services efficiently. These testimonials underscore the practical benefits of the curated content and the direct application of knowledge shared on the platform, showing how //devdigest can make a real difference in developers’ professional lives.


Looking ahead, we committed to continuous improvement and expansion. It plans to introduce AI-driven personalized content recommendations and expand its coverage on emerging technologies like AI and IoT. Launching a new Telegram channel is a testament to its commitment to community engagement. This expansion will connect with more enthusiasts and professionals globally, fostering a vibrant community committed to knowledge sharing. The initiative reflects the founder’s belief in the power of community to enhance the platform’s impact and reach.

The project has successfully established itself as a critical resource for developers, offering high-quality, curated content on .NET, Azure, and mobile technologies. By continuously evolving to meet the needs of its global audience, including launching a new Telegram channel for broader community engagement, //devdigest is poised to expand its influence and continue supporting developers’ professional growth worldwide. The project’s commitment to fostering a knowledgeable and connected tech community highlights its potential for future growth and innovation.

After an interesting journey, the project team has launched a new Telegram channel aimed at English-speaking audiences. It will unite even more specialists and technology enthusiasts working with the Microsoft stack.

I believe in the power of community and knowledge sharing. Let’s build a vibrant global community together!

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