Publications / Information technologies of formation of the content of disciplines and optimization of the curriculum of the specialty

Monday, 01 July 2019
The main purpose of the higher education system is the professional training of highly qualified specialists in accordance with the social order. Therefore, it is the professional activity of specialists that sets and defines the goals of studying all academic disciplines, and hence the content, structure and forms of the corresponding educational activities of students preparing for future professional work. In this context, of great importance is the formation of a variable part of the curriculum specialty. The variable part provides an opportunity to expand and (or) deepen the knowledge and skills determined by the content of the basic disciplines, allows the student to gain in-depth knowledge and skills for successful professional activity and (or) to continue professional education in the master's degree. The disciplines of the variable part of the curriculum of the specialty must meet a number of indicators: the importance of the discipline in the system of train- ing of specialists in this profile; the content of the discipline material (scientific level, depth of presentation); methodical level of presentation (logic of material placement, clarity of presentation) and others.

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