Publications / Verbal method of mixed fuzzy evaluations in decision-making problems

Thursday, 27 February 2014
The problems of decision-making under uncertainty are considered in the paper. Uncertainties are an integral part of decision-making processes in almost all organizational and technical systems. It is the practice to divide decision-making problems into well-structured, semi-structured and unstructured ones. The latter are the subject of the study in this paper. The methodology of a verbal decision analysis is regarded as the basis for unstructured decision-making problems. In combination with the known scientific approach in the decision theory MAUT (Multi-Attribute Utility Theory), the basis for implementing the verbal approach to decision-making serves the construction of a utility function, being axiomatically justified and providing a decision rule for any hypothetical alternatives. For decision-making, the mixed fuzzy evaluation method, which allows in contrast to the known methods avoiding a time-consuming procedure of pair-wise comparison of alternatives, is proposed in the paper. Since the method is based on a verbal analysis, it allows "communicating" in a natural language with an intelligent decision-making support system.

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