Projects / The Unified Bot Platform

Sunday, 05 November 2023
The Unified Bot Platform optimizes the communication process between support services and users. The main goal is to save organizational resources by optimizing communication processes.

Implementing the Program enhances operational efficiency, thus making it easier to respond to various support service requests. Consequently, the need for support service operators is reduced.

Nowadays, messengers are becoming much faster and more convenient; thus, they are a more popular method of communication than email or phone. Interaction through integrated chatbots with messengers provides a significantly more immediate response to questions than a human can achieve. Thanks to the Program, the routine process of "answering frequently asked questions" is optimized and faster.

The Unified Bot Platform can be integrated with Facebook and Telegram messengers.

Handling inquiries is based on a dialogue tree - a tool used for interaction with the user. The dialogue tree offers the user several options until the desired answer is found through selection. The dialogue can be cyclical.

The Program consists of two components:
  1. Server part - implements the logic of interaction with messengers and the logic of processing dialogue with users.
  2. Administrator interface - is a web application with a user-friendly interface for the system administrator.
The Unified Bot Platform is a registered innovative solution already used in different projects, like Inforresurs and the "Gas masks for Ukraine" project.